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This company will help to repossess your lost and unclaimed investments in any type of asset class

This company will help to repossess your lost and unclaimed investments in any type of asset class

Share Samadhan (सारेसमाधान) is India’s Largest Investment or Money Retrieval Advisory company assisting clients to retrieve their old / lost / forgotten / blocked / scattered investment in any assets class such as old physical shares (IEPF claim), unclaimed provident fund, unclaimed matured insurance, recovery of in-operative bank accounts, unclaimed mutual funds / corporate fixed deposit, debtor recovery.  They also assist client to find their forgotten investment.

It is surprising to note that more than USD 100 billion worth of investment is either lying in physical papers or is unclaimed in India. We earn and then invest for our better future, but we are complacent in sharing our investment information with our family or trusted person. In case of any contingency or sudden death of the earning member of the family, it becomes very difficult to retrieve that investment. To resolve the ever-increasing problem of unclaimed investment in India, this company was started wherein they help investors and their legal heirs locate and get back lost and forgotten investment by doing all necessary paper work and assistance in legal work as well.

founder Share Samadhan Vikash JainVikash Jain, the co- founder, hails from a small town near Kaziranga, a wild life century in Assam. He graduated from the Guwahati Commerce College, where he pursued CS simultaneously. He then decided to move to Delhi with five of his friends to pursue CA. He has worked in various industries for more than a decade starting from companies like CEAT Tyres in Mumbai to Evalueserve which is the world’s largest KPO and then a start-up called Carnation Auto by ex CMD of Maruti.

He lost his brother in a fatal road accident after which it was difficult to find his investment details as his brother neither maintained the data or shared the information with family members. The family had a really tough time in searching and retrieving his brother’s investments. That difficult situation made Vikash do something in the investment retrieval advisory space, a field where there were no professional organizations, thus the idea of Share Samadhan (सारेसमाधान) came into existence.

Initially it was very challenging to introduce their concept to clients as no one would repose trust to retrieve their wealth with the help of an unknown person. But the co-founders being qualified professionals provided assurance to their clients. Also, it is acting as an advisory wherein all the work (paper and legal) happens in the name of the client itself.

They have recovered more than Rs 100 crore worth of investment for clients within India and overseas. Currently, they have more than 500 clients whose investment needs to be retrieved. Being completely bootstrapped, they are looking out for a co-founder for their fintech vertical: Wealth Samadhan Card – a digital repository to protect your wealth. They are projecting to reach Rs 500 crores mandate in next 3 years’ time.

They were the early entrants in this industry hence giving them an early mover’s advantage as well. The recent pandemic of Covid-19 has seen unprecedented time where many families have lost their earning member. The family could not trace the investments of the deceased person. Share Samadhan had launched a free phone consultation to the family of deceased which was well appreciated by thousands of families and also by print and electronic media.

Vikash believes the start-up India community is evolving very fast. A lot of good forums are coming up to support and encourage start-ups. He holds the opinion of Artificial Intelligence being the next industry to look out for. His advice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs is, “Be very frugal in spending. Keep conserving your resources for bad time, good time will always follow.”

Investment and blocked investment go hand in hand. The reason of unclaimed investment is due to the fact that the family is not aware about the investments of the earning member. Share Samadhan (सारेसमाधान) is committed to bring happiness into the life of those families who are finding is difficult to retrieve their old, lost and forgotten investments.

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