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Want to get your start-up on a global level? This business will definitely help you achieve your mission

Want to get your start-up on a global level? This business will definitely help you achieve your mission

Beeshma Advisory Pvt. Ltd. was started in June 2015 with basic idea was to give a platform to Indian start-up eco system at a global level to reach every coroner of the world with their products and services. They have successfully taken Indian companies to Brazil, Poland, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines more than 32 plus countries so far. They now have three offices in Bangalore, Pune and Singapore.

BAPL is solving the problem of providing the right jurisdiction to right entity type and a defined corporate structure, where the company can sustain for very long period.

Beeshma Advisory FOUNDERCo-founders Sathya Prakash (right) is LLM in International taxation from Bangalore University (Gold medalist) and Anil Birajdar (left) has done MS from Germany. Both co-founders come from a very humble background, first generation entrepreneurs, having 17 years of international experience working in major financial hubs across the globe. They left their decent overseas jobs and moved to India and started Beeshma Advisory.A

In the last six years, BAPL has taken around 500 Indian companies global and around 30 plus overseas companies into India. They also act as a board member on quite few multi-national companies. Their customer acquisition rate is at 4 to 6 new customers per month.

BAPL faced challenges in terms of finding the right human resources that worked in international taxation and having the knowledge of corporate law of different jurisdictions. “Challenges are part and parcel of every entrepreneur journey. The challenges faced as an employee and employer are completely different. Initially we struggled and but we learnt during the course.” In next five years BAPL is set to have one office in each continent. “We will cross 1500 clients onboarding and company formation in more than 60 plus countries across the globe,” quotes Anil.

Their edge in the market is cause of two things, one both co-founders worked internationally for more than 15 years, being much aware about corporate law across the globe, how does OECD (Organization for Economic Development) and FATF (Financial Action Task Force), Anti Money laundering and BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) works. Another is their human resource having more 5 years of international experience, helping them to understand their client’s challenges.

One of their customers, CA Druman Patel, Partner at Manubhai & Shah LLP, had his view about BAPL as, “In one word I would like to describe Beeshma Group as highly committed firm. They have extraordinary team. They always come up with very creative solutions. Recently they assisted our client set up offices in China, Singapore, USA and Australia.”

When asked about Anil’s view on the start-up community in India, he said, “Indian start-ups are very unique. Most of new generation entrepreneurs and extremely hardworking and talented. No wonder we will dominate the world going forward with unique ideas.” His future growing industries can be bio-technology, nano-technology and food industry.

His valuable advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “It’s not like you choose your passion, actually passion chooses you so. So, if you are passionate about your idea don’t waste the time to think over it, just do it.”

“We would like to create an identity for Beeshma Advisory.  If anyone from remote corner of India is thinking to go global, then the first name they should think is Beeshma Advisory,” concluded Anil.

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