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This start-up is providing counselling and training programs to work on your behavioral skills

This start-up is providing counselling and training programs to work on your behavioral skills

Shalini Gamre, the founder, comes from a lower middle-class background.  The lack of money and survival struggles pushed her to start working right from Std. X.  She has observed, learnt, qualified and created a dent with her work.  Her ability to learn fast, be disciplined, change and interact with people constructively has helped her move forward.  Even today, she is constantly innovating to keep pace with the changing parameters of the training arena.  She started counselling when she herself faced challenges in her personal life which needed her to be mentally strong.  She wanted to give the same support to others through her talk therapies.

She is a certified Psychological Counsellor. She is one of the very few female Certified Firewalk Instructors in India, which has enabled her to bring adventure sports into her offline training programs.  This includes walking on fire, walking on glass pieces, breaking karate boards and many such breakthrough activities.  Now she is infusing some power packed interactive activities in her online trainings and creating new benchmarks there too.  She has conducted several trainings for Corporates and Educational Institutions. Her workshops revolve around Leadership, Team Building, Peak Performance and Personal Growth. She has conducted several workshops for thousands of people across the country. She is also an established Author with 2 books in the Self-help and Motivation genre. 

4 years into this, the stunted growth and politics at the corporates and the growing passion for understanding human behaviour led to the founding of this business. The company has no fund-raising strategy but a more aggressive marketing strategy for promoting counselling as a platform for people to come out with their stress points.

Her goal is to fetch an active follower base of over 10,000 people in the next year fetching a turnover of at least 30 lakhs per annum.

She has helped over 120 people out of anxiety and depression in the past 1.5 years due to Covid and the related issues. She has received testimonials from individuals and corporates for work done. 

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Her view about the start-up community, “Currently, due to instability, it may seem difficult, but if the idea is good and there is constant innovation that adapts to the changing circumstances a start-up can do well.  No innovation, no business.” Her own experience about the role of government in driving the economy has been enormous as to being invited on various panels of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat movement for women entrepreneurs.

Pharma, Fitness, Organic Foods, IT, Chemicals, Online Education, Electronics, Logistics, etc. are some of the promising fields according to Shalini. Her advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “If you want to play safe, get a job.  In a volatile market of the current times, business means heavy duty risk. Also, have at least 2 to 3 sources of inflow.”

“My goal is to touch the lives of an additional 20,000 people by December 2021 through counselling and trainings.  We are also building a community to create awareness on mental health and behavioral changes which should reach out to as many people as possible.  So, with so much happening, if a person says he/she is alone, that would be an excuse. We are here to help, one just need to call,” are her closing statements.

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