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This start-up is delivering fun and interaction-driven products for your children to keep them engaged

This start-up is delivering fun and interaction-driven products for your children to keep them engaged

There’s this notion that balancing what’s best for your children with what makes them happy is impossible. That the two are mutually exclusive. Well, it was in this seemingly gigantic gap that Elemeno was born.

The idea was simple, to ensure that in the quest to make our kids smarter, sharper, faster, quicker or stronger, and also ensure we’re making them happier. So, Elemeno focused on products that fostered connections. The products are such that enabled kids to interact with others were the happiest products, that were great to look at, even better to use & followed a ‘the more, the merrier’ approach. They have designed & developed a set of 4-5 products to test the market & gauge responsiveness.

With a generation that’s increasingly reliant on screens, kids are getting more aloof. There’s a real chance that this could be a generation that’s more comfortable with fewer interactions. They are doing all they can to develop, design and create the most awesome, shareable products that are going to make kids snicker, laugh, squeal and go absolutely dizzy with happiness!

Completely bootstrapped in February 2018, and in June 2018 having launched their first product “Spotted Bedsheet”, they bagged their first institutional client. By November 2018, they had 10 products in their portfolio. They were line in line with the digital transformation in February 2019, with an event “Walk in the Park” that got families to spend time with each other through interactive, unconventional activities in April 2019. During lockdown in May 2020, they launched a series of Home Interactive products.

“At Elemeno, we believe what’s good for your children can be made fun for them too! Now there’s tons of companies with products focused on raising smart kids & successful kids, but what about raising happy kids? That’s our mission We’re the ultimate balancing act,” says Rahil Shah, one of the founders.

Elemeno Kids founder Keshav Marda  and founder Rahil Shah Speaking of the founders, Keshav Marda has an MBA in Business Design & Entrepreneurship, has been in business for over 7 years now. His past experiences have made him to travel to over 30 countries as well as India to gain priceless cultural & lifestyle experiences. Looking into business development, expansion and negotiations, he and his team are trying to get Elemeno’s products and messaging and story as far and as wide as they can. A big believer in schools taking care of the learning and development and families taking care of the fun and character of kids, he’s constantly on the lookout for newer avenues and niches Elemeno can carve a space in. And with a joint family of over 110 members, ideas, inspiration & testers are never, ever too far away!

Other founder, Rahil Shah comes with a background in advertising, design and communications, Rahil has won several international and domestic accolades for the work he’s done. In his past stints, he’s worked on creating content, campaigns & communications for some of the country’s most loved brands (a couple of which incidentally, kids simply love!) And at Elemeno, he’s trying to build yet another brand which kids will simply love! Looking into newer, more creative & more meaningful ways of engaging kids as well as their families, everything that leaves the doors of Elemeno, physically as well as virtually; from the actual products to their communications to their social & mainline media presence, is conceptualised, developed and designed by him and his team. And with a fiercely vocal 5-year-old niece (who can be harsher than some of his previous bosses) everything that Elemeno comes up with is tried, tested, thrown around and trampled upon adequately before it gets the nod.

“We believe the biggest challenge for us, however, was the constant spurt of new products which kept on entering the market in a bid to entice parents continuously. This truly was an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ market,” remembers Rahil. But they overcame this challenge by displaying their products on a variety of platforms, used parent focus groups in a bid to enter the households and consciously created a product catalogue that straddled multiple age groups.

They have an extremely strong design identity which is an unbelievably strong asset to have when you’re trying to appeal to an audience that reacts to visual cues this strongly. They are a company that’s always looking at putting themselves in the spot by trying out new forms, new ideas and new products. So, for them, it’s a combination of great ideas, great design and great communication that’s gotten them this far.

A lot of their reviews highlight the different ways in which each product can be used, making it seem like a new product everyday! And almost everyone who’s bought their products finds them unconventional and beautifully designed.

Rahil’s view on the start-up community was a positive one with focus on addressing variety of problems and risk appetite of the entrepreneur. His choice of promising sector is AgroTech, Mental Health and Clean Energy.

Rahil’s mentor for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “Start something you really, well and truly believe in. Look beyond a great idea. Does it mean something more? Is it a cause you’re willing to give your all for? A startup is so much more than an opportunity. It’s sleepless nights, crushing defeats, uncomfortable conversations, passionate arguments, umpteen sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears galore. And you know the funniest part? You still can’t wait to get up tomorrow and give it another go.”

“We’re not experts in this field. We’re not driven by demand-supply models. We’re not saying that our way is the only right way. We’re not looking at this as just a business. We’re not trying to be something we’re not. We started out because we cared. We started out because the kids were growing up too soon, too fast. We started out because we were seeing childhoods we didn’t recognize,” concludes Rahil.

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