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Now getting education loans is made digitally easy and free of cost by this FinTech start-up

Now getting education loans is made digitally easy and free of cost by this FinTech start-up

UniCreds is an online education loan marketplace. UniCreds provides end-to-end service to students right from identifying a study abroad education loan to disbursement. Moreover, they have the capability to provide this service completely online and without the use of a single sheet of paper. Their highly interactive and high-tech tools like EMI Calculator, Loan Eligibility Checker, SOP Review and Repayment Calculator makes the entire education loan process hassle free. They have strategic partnerships with leading financing platforms like HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank and Avanse Financial Services, to name a few, thanks to them they are able to offer students free of cost service.


UniCreds founder amit singh,UniCreds  founder Sayantan Biswas

Mr. Amit Singh (left) is a qualified CFA and has completed his MBA from IBS Hyderabad. He cut his entrepreneurship teeth when he co-founded Adventum Offshore, an investment and wealth management firm. Prior to that, he had a sterling career at Standard Chartered Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd where he assumed the roles of Regional Sales Manager and later Assistant Vice President. After completing his CFA and MBA, Amit started his career with Birla Sunlife Asset management company and also worked with TATA group and IDFC Ltd before starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2011. He is currently the Founder and CEO of UniCreds, UniAcco and UniScholarz.


Mr. Sayantan Biswas (right) is an entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in the accommodation sector. He started off his career in the home rental space with Fella Technology Solutions Pvt Limited. He joined the company as an intern and quickly rose through the ranks to become the co-founder in 2017. Soon after, he was selected to be a part of The Thiel Fellowship in the United States, where he had the opportunity to work with seasoned entrepreneurs like Blake Masters and Peter Thiel, and also present his startup ideas. This experience led him to believe that there is potential in education loans for study abroad aspirants. Therefore, he co-founded UniCreds, along with UniAcco and UniScholarz.

UniCredsFounded in October 2020, the idea was to connect students with the leading lenders in the country from the comfort of their own homes. with UniCreds, they can compare education loans from different sources and choose their preferred option without wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

The founders have a vision to become a ‘one-stop shop’ destination that caters to all the needs of study abroad aspirants. In order to assist students throughout this journey, the founders started UniCreds (that takes care of study abroad education loans), UniAcco (that takes care of student accommodation) and UniScholarz (a platform that lists over 1,500+ international scholarships). Therefore, with them, a student can complete his/her study abroad journey from a single source.

They will be achieving Rs 200 Cr in education loan disbursements for this fall season (September 2021). UniCreds is already the 2nd largest education loan marketplace in India and they are hoping to clinch the number 1 spot by fall 2022. They primary focus is on students from India; however, they will be expanding our services to students across the globe in 2022.


UniCreds Sayantan BiswasMr. Biswas quotes, “If you ask any student their reason why they couldn’t study abroad, 90% of the time, they will tell you because of limited funds. With UniCreds, we’re making funding more accessible by creating a marketplace for study abroad aspirants and lenders to meet in the most hassle-free way. Moreover, UniCreds offers students collateral-free loans, flexible repayment plans, 24/7 assistance, and expert consultation. His view about the start-up community is, “it is thriving in India. He is proud of the fact that Indian start-ups have become unicorns this year, despite the devastating effects of the pandemic. A lot of this can be attributed to the culture shift among young working professionals. This is exactly what I did to build UniAcco, UniCreds and UniScholarz. The other great part about the start-up community in India is that start-ups have become a major source of employment in India.”

His advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is to have passion as a driving force that will lead to success, work smart by allocation time accordingly and don’t get derailed by failures, it’s important to use them to your advantage and stay focused on what matters.

The entire study abroad market looks promising and UniCreds is completely revolutionizing the way students secure funds for their study abroad plans.

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