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With the increase in travel & tourism, this business is determined to serve tasty and high-quality food for your train journey

With the increase in travel & tourism, this business is determined to serve tasty and high-quality food for your train journey

People nowadays prefer to take trains as a mode of transport because of its cost-effectiveness and also less travel time to avoid hectic traffic. Be it a short or long journey, food is a must-have thing everybody needs.  Passengers travelling via train can order food from this start-up, Railrestro’s Website, Railrestro’s app or via call. It offers food as per the traveler preferences across multiple locations in India. It is an ISO certified company. Travelers need to provide their PNR details or train number information on the website to enable smooth delivery on time. RailRestro solves the problem people have been facing since ages - getting hygienic food on train on time.

Founder Railrestro manish chandraThe enthusiastic 30-year-old Patna based tech entrepreneur, Mr. Manish Chandra started the joint venture of serving hygienic food for the rail passengers in 2015, an e-catering service named Railrestro. After three years of that, in 2018, he founded another one-stop solution called RailMitra for the Indian railway passengers. Mr. Chandra was not happy to see people only having normal chai, bread pakora and samosa while travelling on the wheels. Instead of that his dream project started to serve several bakery items, kid’s food, Indian and continental cuisine etc. In 2018 after launching his dream duo start-up, Railrestro and RailMitra both became very popular among the passengers instantly. And now with his tireless work, their e-commerce business is flourishing with success.

Frequent railway journeys during college times made him realize the need for good food in the train. It was somewhere put in his mind to ring about some resolution to the food problems in the train. With the IRCTC portal and its partnership programs, RailRestro came up in the market.

“RailRestro was a very simple service when we launched it. We focused on customer experience while ordering food through website. It was later that we taught of getting a mobile app as searches were growing, and platforms like Swiggy and Zomato had already entered the market.” In the first year of inception, RailRestro reported booking of over 84,000 meals. This number began to rise exponentially – it went to four lakhs in 2017, 6.5 lakh in 2018, 11 lakhs in 2019, and 2020-21 they have over 19 lakhs meals booked. The platform has an average of 30 percent repeat customer rate.

“The first product was a Core PHP website without any backend. The orders used to be processed manually. When the order volume grew to 200 orders per day, we chose MVC framework for faster development with a backend that allowed order processing, we had to do many alterations to refine process accuracy and simplicity of operation. We initially worked for around two months on our technology stack,” Manish says.

"When we started our business, the biggest challenge was to connect with the restaurants and making them agree for the food deliveries in the train", recalls Manish. But slowly, their marketing team turned this hurdle into its strength by tying up with more than 8,000 restaurants in each corner of the country.

During the first 3 months of Inception, RailRestro ran on a no-profit and no-loss model. It gained traction when it partnered with IRCTC, and started processing 600 orders/day nine months after starting out. The company’s revenue is estimated to be around $17M per year.

“I got so caught up with operations I never had time to reach out for funding. I started making good profits in the bootstrap stage itself. Maybe I will seek out funding this year,” says the man behind the successful duo start-ups.

RailRestro is targeting over 60 lakh consumers by the end of this year. “We have started taking orders on apps through commission sharing model and we have grown around 30 percent of the orders through their referral traffic looking for food on the train and orders booked at their platform only through order booking API integration,” Manish says.

One of their customers quoted, "Khub Darun Railrestro!  Can you guys believe it, I had a deliciously spicy and awesome chicken on train! I was travelling from Kolkata to Delhi via train and I ordered Non-veg Thali on Train from Railrestro App. And trust me it was amazing. Thank You RailRestro."

Our vision and goal to serve hygienic food on train remains consistent throughout. Even through the pandemic we faced many problems but now our team is stronger than before and we continue to work towards our future goals,” concludes Manish.

You can check out RailRestro at:

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