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This business is solving age-old problems of perfection and quality service in the Interior Designing industry in India

This business is solving age-old problems of perfection and quality service in the Interior Designing industry in India

Interiorbulls is all about Interior Designing & Turnkey Contracting for residential & commercial properties. The industry is facing a lot of problems wherein the customers have to run after the contractors and suppliers to get materials that they need and once the work is done, there is after-sales service for more than a year or so.

Interiorbulls is solving many of these problems by focusing on the quality service provided to the customers. They provide everything on the table and a five-year maintenance service to customers.

co founder Interiorbulls anuj panchalAnuj Panchal is the founder, being a drop out from diploma in computer engineering in Mumbai. At the age of 25, there was no financial support from his family to run this business. His family wanted him to get a job and earn safe secure income but, Anuj hated safe secure incomes. Totally with entrepreneur mindset with no give up attitude, Anuj loves making connection with positive & forward moving people. He quotes, “if there are no challenges in your life journey then I will say you won’t be able to reach your goals & success.”

Being from a middle-class family, Anuj always had big dreams and passion to achieve them. His idea was to bring a change in this industry as his company’s slogan says “Ab ho jao Befikar” which means once you collaborate with them to do your interior project then you don’t have to worry about anything, they will take care of all your needs & wants. His journey began when he thought his dad’s business was not sustainable enough for his own growth, so he transformed this small-scaled business into a wholesome interior designing and building business.

The business faced major challenges with team building as interior designing involves a lot of labor and finding the right one was a hurdle. As well finding the right attitude was also a challenge as everyone was easy-going rather than passionate and focused to grow their business says Anuj.

Their clients have often appreciated Anuj and his team for guiding them accurately and devoting sufficient time to understand them and their requirements.

Anuj’s advice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs is that if you have a solution for any problem, then start a company. By copying others business strategy or recipe won’t give you any success. He believes lithium battery, food and fitness industry have a promising future in India, apart from Interior Designing. His saying is, “Understand the people (customers) and you will understand the business.”

Interiorbulls is set to be known as the Bulls of Interior Industry in coming few years with good reputation and problem-solving abilities to make their client’s life easy and eliminate any waste of time.

You can check out Interiorbulls at @Interiorbulls on Instagram

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