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This start-up will help you achieve the right mindset needed to succeed in your professional life

This start-up will help you achieve the right mindset needed to succeed in your professional life

The Mind Matter is a start-up with the purpose to help individual’s and organization’s reach their highest potential through mindset mentoring and skill development through creating unique interventions. It aims to apply the concepts of skill development to enhance individual’s capability in such a manner that it can turn around, for example your organization’s profit and loss – enhancing the earning potential – which is extremely crucial in an ever-changing dynamic, competition driven economy.

founder The Mind Matter Binal R. ChitrodaIt is founded by Binal R. Chitroda. She has done her Masters in Human Resource Management along with an Advanced Certification into Guidance and Counselling. She is a a huge believer in turning around one’s professional life by simply creating a bridge between Purpose-Passion-Potential. Prior to this, she was working with corporate organizations with the HR L&D department, where-in she realized that, no matter how much training the organization provides to the employee, if the mindset is not right, if the thought process is not elevated to think about productivity, the training won’t be of any use in the longer run. Thus, she started learning more and more about learning and learner psychology to understand and develop programs to bring The Mind Matter into existence.

The Mind Matter has been into existence since the last 2 years completely boot-strapped their way into exploring this industry as a consultancy for individuals and organizations. Business Development was one of the biggest challenges that has been faced considering a new concept which takes time for grasping. But Binal took each challenge as a lesson of its own and managed to overcome them through unique propositions, client engagement and customer service.

Binal wishes to help young individuals into choosing the right career path because the world has become so dynamic, that she feels that she can be a Career Coach / Career Mentor to these young minds to build their own career rather than following some set footsteps. With The Mind Matter, she also aims to build an online community of collaborative learning to ensure that the community can network and grow.

Their goal is to hit it right on the pain point – enabling individuals and organizations to grow not just in terms of capabilities but also in terms of earning potential, which is essentially why there are businesses at the end of the day. Apart from this, they wish to prioritize mindset mentoring as the key followed by skill development which forms an essential base for a holistic development.

Binal’s advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is that the model should answer two important questions:

  1. Is my product / service solving a problem?
  2. Is my product / service making the consumer’s life easier?


If you can justify and figure out the above answers, your start-up will have a good sense of purpose to chase and achieve.

She always runs by the motto, ‘Skill Yourself to Success with The Mind Matter’.

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