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This start-up is a one-stop shop that will cater to all your requirements related to Luxury products and services

This start-up is a one-stop shop that will cater to all your requirements related to Luxury products and services

All Things Luxury is an all-in-one platform that helps you find your luxury property, holiday homes, overseas homes, hi-end cars, yachts, charter planes, collector watches, bespoke jewelry, impressionable art and a whole lot more.

The problem was that there not a single platform for luxury goods and items for customers, if they needed to buy real estate they went to brokers, if they wanted a car, they had to find dealers, if they wanted art, unlike a few who attend auctions, the others did not know much, similarly for watches and jewelry. They had to use multiple searches or people.

All Things Luxury platform has brought on board multiple partners and agencies who are providing that one-stop shop solution to these luxury buyers and clients. They can stop searching for multiple products through multiple people and only reach out to them and their social media to get what they desire in category most of the luxury goods and services.

Founder All Things Luxury IndiaFounder at All Things Luxury India, Dheeraj Dhawan is a global real estate advisor, who has been in the real estate industry for over 2 decades. His vast experience covers all domains of luxury sales, marketing, branding, business development, collaborations and coaching. He has worked with marque brands such as Lodha Group, India Sotheby’s International Realty, Raheja Universal, Cushman & Wakefield, etc. His strong belief in collaboration and partnerships lead him to start his own business which is effectively going to be a community for “All Things Luxury”. He is passionate about real estate, luxury trends, watches, cars, travel, music and food.

There were always value adds or things our clients would ask us advise for or suggestions while working in different industries. Soon he realized that there should be one common marketplace or platform where the clients could come and look for all luxury items and make their choice. In June 2021, as everything was moving into a digital space, he decided to start All Things Luxury India. He had left his other assignment last month and wanted to get back to being an entrepreneur and this venture was that calling for him. It is now only a month old and they are already seeing a lot of interest and engagement on our platform.

It was something Dheeraj always wanted to do to address the gap in the luxury space. Also given his passion for real estate, that was always going to be a driving force, but the same clients needed so much more from the luxury space, hence the vast network of friends and associates were now made collaborative partners on this journey.

Their biggest challenge was to be visible and get an interesting digital offering. They also needed to get all these varied businesses under one platform which was always going to be a task. Dheeraj evaluated and reached out to people he’s known and worked with in the past to have them come on board for various services.

Being only a month old, their focus is on populating their feeds, enhancing a true customer reach and creating quality content to build a foundation at present. They want to be known as a Luxury Services company. They will have many more tie ups and many more collaborations. Post the total unlock of the economy, Dheeraj believes that there will be a lot of revenge spending on luxury goods and services.

All Things Luxury is believed to be a First Mover in this segment as at present there is no one who can cater all the needs related to luxury items at one place itself.

Dheeraj believes that India will be the largest start up base globally and this is here to stay. We have a very diverse and dynamic population and the creativity and entrepreneurial mindset is probably the best here in India. His advice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs is clearly do it with passion and not with an exit plan. Everyone was earlier only looking at a valuation play and hence wasn’t entirely invested in their business; they always wanted the sweet exit but that is no longer the case. Every investor will always look at the intent and the passion and commitment of the founder before investing.

Their goal is to make “All Things Luxury India” as the preferred marketplace for all our clients for fulfillment of their Lifestyle acquisitions.

You can check out All Things Luxury at @allthingsluxuryindia on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or you can reach them on

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