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A technology led start-up positioned to disrupt Marketing & Sales industry

A technology led start-up positioned to disrupt Marketing & Sales industry

SimApt is the House of Marketing and Sales. They develop industry relevant knowledge and disruptive technologies specifically serving this underserved domain.

The company operates in both B2B and B2C segments addressing a well-defined target audience.


SimApt Buiz solutions (B2B)

Multiple companies, especially the ones in distribution-based and influencer-based industries, face a deep-rooted problem of maintaining engagement with different stakeholders in their value chain such as dealers, distributors, influencers. Today, companies spend top dollars to address this issue by hosting several events, webinar, trainings etc.; however, most of this spend is judgement based with very little options to measure the effectiveness of this spend. The result is inefficient spending and unpredictable business outcomes.

SimApt’s technology platform, E2, hosts all stakeholders on a unified platform and uses data to measure company’s engagement with its broader value chain. This allows the organization to focus on the right areas to get higher ROI (read bang-for-the-buck) leading to long term business performance.

Started in 2019, SimApt spent time to develop a product that correctly encapsulates the needs of the industry. The full suite of E2 solution was launched in June 2021. Though a relatively new launch, the SimApt is already in talks with companies in building materials, FMCG, auto and micro-finance industries for E2 deployment.


Vidwaan (B2C)

Vidwaan is an e-learning platform trying to bridge the unemployability gap amongst graduates and upwards. Ayan Biswas, SimApt’s co-founder states –

“We often hear companies complain about unqualified candidates and candidates complain about lack of opportunities, this is two sides of the same problem and no one seems to be solving this issue.”

Standard available education is pedagogic and fails to teach “how” to employ these concepts in corporate setting, with different tools and real-life complexities. This means companies have to spend lot of time and money to get new employees up to speed and candidates having to go through prolonged job search. This is a lose-lose situation.

Leading companies are also acknowledging this gap. Companies such as Google, Amazon are allowing equivalent practical experience as a substitute to formal college degrees.   


Vidwaan has affiliated with c-suite executives across 25 industries. Through its e-learning platform, the company delivers differentiated courses curated, developed and delivered by these industry leaders. The students will experience direct interaction with industry stalwarts throughout the course and beyond. They have tested the e-learning courses with multiple post graduate students who agree this to be the most hands-on course available in the market.

SimApt co founder Ayan BiswasSimApt’s co-founder, Ayan, has worked in several Fortune 500 companies in Marketing and Sales Leadership roles for two decades. During this time, he taught pre-MBA students as well as served as an educator to more than 25 MBA colleges for more than 15 years. His close association with the industry and academia has opened him up to this increasing gap between education and employment, which motivated him to take up this challenge.

Ayan believes that we are in a very transformative era. Start-ups are sprouting everywhere and solving real problems, which have been skirted all along. This spirit is getting recognized by investors across the globe. This is an exciting time for Indian start-ups.

His advice for young start-ups and entrepreneurs is Test your idea along the way. As founders we get very attached to what we are building and that’s a strength. However, testing the idea from time to time will help you to alter course leading to a better outcome.

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