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This start-up can now get you fresh herbs and plantations at your home using Hydroponics.

This start-up can now get you fresh herbs and plantations at your home using Hydroponics

CannazoIndia believes in a 3-pointer policy, “Learning from our roots (covid taught us well)” “Sustainability” and “Innovation” which is also their startup’s primary focus. 

They provide Indoor Gardens with a patent pending 4 by 4-inch cube with our very own unique water flow technology infused with nutrients that takes care of your plants for a week (7 days) post watering. It comes with a NASA inspired light which acts as The Sun (source of life) for plants, helping them plants keep their tummies full, giving out the best of fragrance, fruits and beauty in return. Above that, the whole system is modular, meaning you can remove it and just plug it in at some other place.

They also supply an ancient super herb known as Vijaya leaf extract, which contains one for all multipurpose power. 1 super herb is used to deal with common illness like Cough & Cold, High Cholesterol, Mensuration cramps, Depression to serious problems like Chemotherapy induced Pain & Nausea, Epilepsy, Arthritis and many untreatable diseases like Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s etc. At CannazoIndia, the special formulations are prepared along with Veda Doctors and Biomedical Researchers to meet the needs of their consumers.

The basic idea behind the curtains was to provide consumers with fresh produce and effective wellness medicines. Looking at the condition of the plantations used not being fresh, most of the nutrients and taste given by these herbs & leaves aren’t retained and usually wasted, they developed a system which one can grow their own herbs without needing a farm at one’s home itself. Here was the idea was to provide people with natural medicines which can be trusted & showed fast plus effective results.

Medical Cannabis Extract has been used for therapies in India since 2000 BCE. It’s an integral part of the Ayurveda texts, thus after extensive research on the Medical Cannabis legalities in Indian market and getting their products medically certified, they are working towards the aim of getting Ancient Indian Remedies back to the mainstream market.

Some of the common problems that this business is solving is water wastage, side-effects of medicines, food scarcity and high cost of importation. Their method of Hydroponics is a soil-less method of farming combined with their technology to control temperature can do wonders by replicating the natural soil – temperature scenario required to grow different crops in INDIA, at your homes & cafes.

Belonging to an agricultural family, Kartik, the founder, always had access to fresh salads and greens, something he grew up on. Once he shifted to city side for his higher studies in Bio-Chemistry, gym became a part of his everyday life. He tried eating more salads just to find them not fresh and juicy, and the exotic vegetables were turning out to be costly and scarcely available. Kartik came across an article regarding Hydroponics or soil-less farming, a finest and highly nutritious way of growing plants. This led Kartik to take up an internship to learn about home-based hydroponics products. Determined to bring this advanced technology to India, Kartik had found his mission to spread awareness about the benefits of Hydroponics through ‘Cannagro’.

Sukrit, a finance Student, fitness freak and co-founder of a Nano tech start-up, had multiple tablets for multiple nutrients needed for proper functioning of different parts within his body to match the gym routine. Fed up with Swallowing so many tablets he started to research for a solution. That’s when he came across the magical herb known as “Cannabis”, one drop of oil & multiple benefits. It did not only help him with the overall wellness and improvement in the skin texture, but also helped him with his long-term untreatable problem of Spasm which he encountered few years back. This led him to start his journey towards helping the society at large by giving them access to the therapeutic magical herb through ‘CannazoIndia.

Looking at the trend of how people are going towards a healthy lifestyle, the business is expected to grow as the market is to boom over the next few years making them one of the well-established companies in these sectors with a good consumer base as compared to new entrants at that point.

Their competitive advantage lies with their Researchers. With their help, they have been able to design some unique formulations which we are sure our consumers are going to love. When it comes to Hydroponics, they are the 1st company in India to bring plants in a modular manner to Homes & Cafes.

They believe India is filled with innovators who are trying to solve daily problems with simple, yet effective solutions. This will surely give a boost to our economy and create more employment opportunities.

They feel EV batteries, nanomaterials and D2C brands look promising sectors going ahead. Their advice for young entrepreneurs to consider the problems around and devise an economic solution for the same.

You can check out CannazoIndia at:

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