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This start-up is set to become the number one complete sleep and comfort solution brand in India

This start-up is set to become the number one complete sleep and comfort solution brand in India

The White Willow is a leading Digital First D2C comfort and sleeping solutions brand that offers the largest collection of over 70 + pillows and more for everyone right from a newly born infant to an elderly of 101 years. The products encapsulate the ideology of The White Willow encouraging their consumers to thoughtfully choose pillows based on their body weight, body height, sleeping style, size preference, and most importantly their personal choice. All their pillows are produced with top-quality environment-friendly raw materials which are good for both you and the environment. 

With various categories of pillows, each one has a distinct function and acts as a solution to your sleep and comfort issues. They have been able to reach out to their customers and help them with concerns especially pertaining to pain or discomfort.

Moreover, their portfolio also comprises of other premium quality pillows that provide utmost comfort for babies, kids, expectant mothers and avid travellers. Their new work from home combos have been well received and have made work at home a more comfortable experience.

The White Willow is a three co-founded brand:

Anuj: A serial entrepreneur with over two decades of diversified experience across real estate, distribution and pharmaceutical, Anuj leverages his wide experience in shaping up the product and driving R&D, strategy and operations at The White Willow.

Abhishek: Abhishek had six thrilling years as an Investment Banker before he ventured in the e-commerce space, putting his expertise in finance, marketing and strategy to good use. At The White Willow, he spearheads data analysis, strategy, finance and marketing.

Meghna: A social activist at the core, Meghna has years of experience in volunteering for social and community work with Snehi and Family India. An educationist, NLP practitioner, counseling psychologist, all rolled into one, Meghna looks after the product R&D, customer support and brand development at The White Willow.

It all started when one of their close friends was suffering from acute neck and shoulder pain, was recommended by her doctor to sleep on a memory foam pillow to improve her condition. Helping their friend search for the recommended pillow, they discovered that only a few brands sold memory foam sleeping aids, and the products were exorbitantly priced. They were also intrigued to learn about the significant role sleep plays in a person's general well-being. Thorough research revealed that sleeping on pillows matched to a person's body type and sleeping style greatly helped in attaining sound sleep. This realization opened the gates of a viable business opportunity that could help the masses by promoting good sleep.

They began 5 years ago with just 4 pillows in their portfolio and today they offer over 70 + pillows and other accessories to over 0.3 million people are now enjoying the comfort of TWW pillows.

The first and the greatest challenge that The White Willow faced in its initial stages was the lack of awareness among people about choosing the right pillow to sleep. Most people in the country were clueless about the benefits of sleeping on premium-quality pillows designed to match their body vitals.

They worked hard to create awareness about the subject and slowly but surely, engaged with a larger audience, constantly educating and informing them about the advantages of adopting more supportive and comforting pillows or cushions. The co-founders did an exemplary job in strategizing and expertly drove integrated marketing and brand awareness campaigns across digital platforms.  As a direct-to-customer company, they laid much emphasis on customer feedback, listening for ideas, concerns, and advice from those who were using our products on a daily basis.

TWW stands out from competition as we have been the only pillow focused brand with the largest portfolio of over 70 + pillows, cushions, accessories and more. All their materials in the memory foam pillows are safe and natural made from German technology by BASF.

Their customer stories and their experiences have been their greatest learnings. They have listened, taken their advice, suggestions and feedback about our products. Their Customer Delight team works diligently as sleep experts have been helping many customers to find the right kind of comfort that they seek.

They feel start-ups have enabled our country to build a strong eco system for nurturing innovation and drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The number of women entrepreneurs has significantly risen to 14 per cent in the last two years. They foresee Eco-tourism and medical tourism to get in demand in the near future.

Their advice for start-ups and young entrepreneur would be to just go for it- if you have an idea, simply execute and believe that you can dream big, aspire higher and be a contributor to build the strongest economies in the world.

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