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This start-up will bring out the best of your abilities to succeed in life, both personally and professionally

This start-up will bring out the best of your abilities to succeed in life, both personally and professionally

Content is becoming a buzz word in the industry; many companies say content is the key and they are hiring content marketing or content writing experts so they could maximize their brand visibility. Many organizations don’t realize if their content is not backed by culture then that same content can back fire on them.


MIMO Potentio is set out to assist organizations in transforming their culture. They first developed 4C (Culture-Content-Communication-Community) Model, based which they developed products which are aligned to one of the 4C’s. The theme they chose to promote is MIMO which refers to Mindful Inside Mindful Outside. Their belief if employees and leaders are mindful of their thoughts, actions and words inside the organization then they will automatically be mindful even outside their organization. With MIMO individuals and organizations will be able to achieve their full potential as this MIMO will lead them to another MIMO which refers to Minimum Input Maximum Output, which is need of the hour.


The startup is mainly addressing the mental problems i.e., problems related to one’s mindset which stops people from trying something new, stops people from challenging oneself, stops people from taking risk, stops people from taking on to newer responsibilities with excitement and enthusiasm, makes people feel insecure and lot more.


The founder, Manish Advani, started his career in the corporate world in 1994 when he was only 16 years old, since then he has worked in various roles as an audit assistant, sales person at a retail store, joined an IT start-up. In 1998, he moved to United States of America for further studies then he moved back to India to try his luck with my own IT startup. In 2005 he got an opportunity to migrate to Toronto, Canada where he had the opportunity to work with clients such as Microsoft, Jaguar Landover. After moving back to India in 2008 he joined Mahindra SSG as Consultant Business Development and later with Schindler.


During the pandemic, he founded the company MIMO Potentio. He is an award winning Story teller, 8 Times TEDx Speaker and a Business Leader with over 20 years of experience. He is recipient of notable awards such as the Microsoft’s President Award, International Green Apple Award - House of Commons, British Parliament, SKOCH Blue Economy Silver Award, Public Relations Council of India’s Silver Award, NITIE’s on- the-Job Achievers Award and the LIMCA Book of Record. He has served the industry as member of CII’s CSR and Sustainability committee and as managing committee member of The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association.


The business initially faced challenges with getting customers onboarded and proving them the expertise in the field. Manish overcame this challenge with only one mantra in mind, “No Pain, No Gain”. He took rejections in the right spirit and learnt from them.

mimo potentio

Their mission is to have at-least 100 good clients in the next few years, with these clients their aim is to have continue flow of business. They challenge the status quo of corporates or individuals talking about learning, but their focus is on development, most of the corporates talk about diversity, but their focus is on inclusion. In whatever they do they try to address the root cause of the problem and that is what gives them the competitive advantage.


Manish feels more than valuations startup community should also focus on values, at the end of the day values help in multiplying valuations, this depends on the choice one makes win at all costs versus win where it matters. He believes that the technology sector is going to create revolution as many companies have begun to take digital transformation seriously since the time virtual has become the new normal.


His advice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs is to develop cognitive flexibility - business is not about what you love to do, it’s about fulfilling the needs of your customers.


MIMO Potentio would like to enable people in a such a way that they work with missionary spirit to help India go beyond the target of 5 trillion economy and also help India in cashing on the Demographic Dividend.

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