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Work with like-minded people at this co-working space start-up , without incurring high capital expenditure or rental costs for offices

Work with like-minded people at this co-working space start-up , without incurring high capital expenditure or rental costs for offices

The co-working concept is when people come together in a common space to work independently on different projects or assignments. It’s different than a traditional office workspace because the people in a co-working environment aren’t working for the same company. Five biggest advantages of co-working space are:

  • Motivation: There’s just an energy of productivity in the air when you’re in a room full of driven people.
  • Community: There’s a sense of community. In places with regulars and familiar faces, it’s the connection in the community that will help one another succeed.
  • Flexibility: Rather than signing a long-term rental contract, you can get flexible deals with co-working spaces. It’s great for start-ups with small budgets, and even independent freelancers can find affordable options.
  • Getting Outside of the Home: Working from home is great, but it’s easy to get distracted. Being around other people that working hard, it will increase focus and is great for creativity.
  • Networking: While working in a common office space, it’s only a matter of time until you start to network and new opportunities start to flow organically.


Kaarobaar – The Co-working space is start-up that is providing a common workspace to bring curious minds together and create an eco-system for the customers. Their idea was to create a space which will inspire creativity and growth; hence they came up with an idea of dynamic and vibrant Co-working space.


They are solving two major problems in the corporate world. One being the high costs of starting a business, primarily service business where the office capex or rental takes away a majority bite of the pie. Freelancers and other service providers need a space to work but cannot afford the same for a single person or a small group. Another hurdle for start-ups and young entrepreneurs is networking and contact building. With limited exposure, small businesses find it difficult to connect with other businesses.


The company is founded by a diverse background of people from various industries. Maryam has background in HR, Seema has background in Operations, Ashutosh has a background in Management and Kaustubh has a background in Technology. Initially the founders were leading their respecting companies but soon they encountered the problem of high initial cost of starting up and complexity of networking to which they realised that other early-stage start-up might be facing the same problems and that’s when they connected together to set up Kaarobaar – The Co-working Space.


The business initially faced it difficult to explain the new concept and a lot of time was spent on educating people regarding the concept of Co-working and business communities. They conducted events and workshops at their workspace explaining the modern way of doing business.


Their primary focus has always been the concept of building a community and that's what gives an edge over the competition. They have plans to expand into 10 co-working spaces across the period of 3 years. They have often been appraised for stressing on the base of making a community, as many of their customers who have switched cities still visit the co-working space when they are in town.


They believe the Indian start-up community is striving and can explore untapped opportunities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Apart from their industry, they have hopes for biotechnology and blockchain models to grow in India. Their advice for young start-ups is to focus on step at a time rather than jumping on to bigger steps.

The basic concept is:

“As we spend a major time of our day at work, why not make it more enjoyable.”

You can check out Kaarobaar Co-working space:

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