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How to write an attractive Pitch Deck?


How to write an attractive Pitch Deck?

What is a Pitch Deck?

A business plan is detailed document comprising of business objectives, its operations, and the strategy to achieve goals. It includes marketing, financials, and operational standpoint. It is a very detailed document comprising of all the things that are happening in a business. Now, while scouting for investors, a business plan is very hard to present to the audience. Thus, comes in a Pitch Deck.

A pitch deck is a marketing presentation used by those who are willing to bring in funds, or want to dispose off any business share or asset. It is a simplified version of the business plan. It is effective in communicating the idea of the business to the potential investors. The primary goal of pitch deck to create an interest in the minds of the investor. It is the first step towards securing the finance.

Purpose of a Pitch Deck

As mentioned, the basic motive of drafting a pitch deck is to create a sense of interest on the part of investors. It helps in quickly getting the attention of the investors. It convinces the investors to believe in their business, the product or service that we want to market. It is an effective way of communicating in this hyper-competitive world. It also saves time on part of the investors as a pitch deck is a summary of the whole business plan.

How to write an attractive Pitch Deck?

1. The Product/Market Fit

The product/market fit (or the problem/solution) slides should go first in your pitch deck to convince investors that your business has the potential to pivot into a high-growth company. It would be useful to include numbers that showcase the market validation, market size, and identify your value proposition to strengthen your potential in the eyes of investors.


2. The Business Model

The business model slide should present your monetization model or identify revenue sources in the simplest possible way so investors can comprehend in three to five seconds how your business makes real money.


3. The Distribution Strategy

On the distribution slide, you should clarify the distribution strategy that allows you to make your products available to customers through a supply chain designed to be optimally cost-effective and time-saving.


4. Marketing & Sales

In your pitch deck, it's essential that you give details of how you'll implement marketing and sales (or go-to-market) initiatives to build up your brand and drive prospective customers without draining your capital. 


5. The Competition

By presenting this slide to investors, you reassure them that you're fully aware of how fierce the competition landscape is and show them what you've got as competitive advantages to put yourself in a superior business position compared to other companies attacking the same market. 


6. The Team

On this slide, make sure you show why you and your people are the right people to build and grow the business into a successful company. Briefly describe the roles of each key member, showcase the previous experience that makes them the perfect candidates for their roles.


7. Current Traction & Future Projections

Investors always want to see if your business is making some good strides. Showing your achieved traction gives investors a guarantee that your idea is viable, and you stand a great chance of succeeding with your proposed plan. Adding future projections of key metrics and goals demonstrates your vision of where you want to take your business in three, five, and ten years. 


8. Financial Needs & Use of Funds

Displaying your expected financial position in terms of sales forecast, profit and loss statement, and cash flow forecast will also help investors ensure that you've projected financial goals based on in-depth analysis, which will help you avoid unexpected outcomes.


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