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How to download and View Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS)?

​​​It is a form issued under Rule 31AB​​, wherein the following information in relation to a PAN is published:
  • TDS - Part A & A1 of Form 26AS
  • TCS - Part B of Form 26AS
  • Details of tax paid other than TDS / TCS - Part C of Form 26AS
  • Details of Refund - Part D of Form 26AS
  • Details of AIR transactions - Part E of Form 26AS

Every person deducting tax at source has to furnish the details of tax deducted by him to the Income-tax Department. The details will cover the name of the deductee, Permanent Account Number of the deductee, amount of tax deducted, amount paid to the deductee, date of payment of TDS to the credit of Government, etc. On the basis of the details of TDS provided by the deductor, the Income-tax Department will update Form 26AS of the deductee.
Many times the actual amount of TDS and TDS credit as appearing in Form 26AS may differ and it may happen that the TDS credit appearing in Form 26AS may be less as compared to actual TDS, this may happen due to reasons like non-furnishing of TDS details to the Income-tax Department by the deductor, deducting the tax in incorrect Permanent Account Number, etc. In such a case the deductee should approach the deductor and request him to take the necessary steps to rectify the discrepancy due to above reasons. 
The Income-tax Department updates the TDS details in Form 26AS on basis of details provided by the person deducting the tax (i.e., the deductor), hence, if there is any default on the part of deductor like non -furnishing of TDS details (i.e., TDS return) to the Income-tax Department, deducting the tax in incorrect Permanents Account Number, etc. then Form 26AS will not reflect the actual TDS. In such a case, the taxpayer may not be able to claim the credit of correct TDS. Hence, the taxpayers are advised to confirm the tax credit appearing in Form 26AS and should reconcile the difference, if any. 

​If discrepancy is due to deductor , then he may file TDS/TCS correction statement and correct the same.


Important Information for “Downloading Form 26AS”.

1.Taxpayer can download Form 26AS through TRACES from Assessment Year 2009-10

2.26AS is available to view Online in HTML format.

3.26AS is available to download in two formats:

a) PDF

b) Text

4.26AS can be viewed by Net Banking or by logging in at website which redirects user to TRACES, If E-filing website prompts user to register at TRACES to download Form 26AS then user has to register at TRACES as a Taxpayer to get 26AS.

5.Password for Form 26AS is “Date of Birth of Taxpayer” in “DDMMYYYY”

6.If file is large (transaction entries more than 1000) and system gives specific warning message that file can be Downloaded only in Text Format then Taxpayer has to place request for Form 26AS from TRACES only and after receiving Text File Taxpayer has to convert it into Excel


Steps to view or download the Form-26AS from e-Filing portal

Step 1.Logon to ‘e-Filing’ Portal


Step 2.Go to the 'My Account' menu, click 'View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)' link


Step 3.Read the disclaimer, click 'Confirm' and the user will be redirected to TDS-CPC Portal.


Step 4.In the TDS-CPC Portal, Agree the acceptance of usage. Click 'Proceed'.


Step 5.Click ‘View Tax Credit (Form 26AS)’


Step 6.Select the ‘Assessment Year’ and ‘View type’ (HTML, Text or PDF)


Step 7.Click ‘View / Download’

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