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Online Correction-Add or Delete Salary Detail-Annexure-II

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Online Correction-Add or Delete Salary Detail-Annexure-II

Important Information on Online Correction

All type of corrections like “Personal information , Deductee details and Challan correction” can be made using Online correction functionality available from FY.2007-08 onwards depending upon the type of correction.

Types of Error or Defaults

Correction Type

Available From F.Y

DSC Required

If challan is unmatched

Challan Correction

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To Add New challan

Add challan to the Statement

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To clear interest and Late Fee demand payment

Pay 220, Interest, Levy, Late filling

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To move Deductee row

Resolution for overbooked challan (Move Deductee row from challan)

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To update PAN

PAN Correction

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To Add/ Modify Deductee row

Add/Modify Deductee details

F.Y 2013-14 Onwards


To update personal details

Personal Information

F.Y 2007-08 Onwards


To Modify Salary details

Add or Delete Salary Details

F.Y 2013-14 Onwards


To Edit Deductee Row in case of unmatched Challan

Challan Correction

F.Y 2013-14 Onwards


This feature is extremely useful as it is :

1.Free of Cost :TRACES does not charge any fee for doing online correction

2.Time saving: No need to request for Conso file and wait for file availability. Just raise a request and you can select the type of correction you wish to proceed with. Correction gets processed in 24hrs

3.Effort saving: No need of any software/ CD/PEN drive , just login and file the correction

4.Enhance efficiency: Error specific correction is possible
Note: For paper return online correction cannot be done


Most Common Error While filing Online Correction

Error Description


No data available for specified search criteria

This error appears if the data entered is not pertaining to F.Y, Quarter, Form Type and latest Token Number. Statement is cancelled /rejected for selected search criteria.

Request for correction ha already been submitted for the specified search Criteria. Please check status in „Track Correction Request‟ under Defaults menu

This error occurs when Deductor has initiated an Online correction and it is at “ In Progress” status i.e. pending at the end of Deductor.

System has encountered some technical problem. Please try after some time.

This error occurs if: - JAVA version and Bit depending upon the system are not updated. Restart the system after updating JAVA . - Browsing history, cookies, temp filed are to be cleared. Clear them first.
-Pop-up blocker is NOT enabled currently.
-Browser is not compatible in order to proceed with Online Correction .

Request has been submitted to Admin User

It has been assigned to admin user and is pending at Admin user end. Only admin user has the authority to submit online correction

Reason for non-deduction is mandatory

This error occurs when Deductor is writing “0” in the column of Total TDS deposited and Deducted in Add/Modify Deductee option.

Reason for lower deduction is mandatory

This error occurs Deductor is not selecting Flag “A”.

Reason for higher deduction is mandatory

This error occurs when Deductor is not selecting Flag “C”.


Brief Steps for Online Correction - Add/Delete Salary Details-Annexure-II

This feature enables Deductor to Add/Delete Salary Details in Annexure-II, it is available from FY 2013-14 onwards.

• Digital Signature Certificate should be registered on TRACES before making this correction, However, regular statement should be processed from TRACES.

• In case statement is not processed by TRACES, please file C1 ( Personal Information ) through Conso file then you will be able to proceed with online correction.

Step 1 : Login to TRACES website with your “User ID”, “Password”, “TAN of the Deductor” and the “Verification Code”. Landing page will be displayed on Screen.

Step 2 : Go to “Request for correction” under “ Defaults“ menu

Step 3 : Enter relevant Financial Year, Quarter, Form Type and Correction category should be “Online” and Click on “Submit Request” button . Request will be available under “Track Correction Request” .When request status become “Available” click on Available / In progress status to proceed with the correction.

Step 4: Validate KYC using DSC supported KYC option. Note: Digital Signature Supported KYC Validation Screen will appear only if Digital Signature is registered.

Step 5: After KYC validation, select the Type of Correction Category from the drop down as “Add/Delete Salary Details- Annexure-II” .

•Make the required corrections in the selected file. Click on “Submit for Processing” to submit your correction (Only Available to Admin User).
•15 digits token number will be generated and mailed to Registered e-mail ID.


Status of Online Correction Requests

•Requested - When user submits request for correction.

•Initiated - Request for correction is initiated.

•Available - Request for correction is accepted and statement is made available for correction. User can start correction on the statement. Clicking on the hyperlink will take user to validation screen. Once user clicks on request with 'Available' status, status of request / statement will change to 'In Progress„.

•Failed - Request cannot be made available due to technical error. User can re-submit request for same details.

•In Progress - User is working on a statement. Clicking on the hyperlink will take user to validation screen.

•Submitted to Admin User - Sub-user has to submitted correction statement to Admin User.

•Submitted to ITD - Admin User has submitted correction statement to ITD for processing.

•Processed - Statement has been processed by TDS CPC (either for Form 26AS or for defaults).

•Rejected - Statement has been rejected by TDS CPC after processing. Rejection reasons will be displayed in 'Remarks' column.


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