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Political Party Registration

Formalities For Registration of Political Party under section 29A of Representations of People Act 1951


1 Name of the Political party should be within the parameters of Preamble of the Constitution which means Principle of Socialism Secularism, Sovereignty, Democracy should be followed.

2. You have to make an application before Election Commission of India for reservation of the Election Symbol as per Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968 

3. There must be a Corporate office/Party Head Office for the communication (address proof is required, like ease agreement or sale agreement etc.)

4.  The names of its President, General Secretary, Treasurer and other office-bearers should be available with their signatories. An affidavit duty signed by the President/General Secretary of the party and sworn before a First Class Magistrate/Oath Commissioner)/ Notary Public to the effect that no member of the party is a member of any other political party registered with the Commission.

5. The numerical strength of its Members, and if there are categories of its members, the numerical strength in each category. There should be atleast 100 member to form a political Party. Individual affidavits from at least 100 members of the party to the effect that the said member is a registered elector and that he is not a member of any other political party registered with the Commission duly sworn before a First Class Magistrate/Oath Commissioner)/Notary Public. These affidavits shall be in addition to the furnishing of certified extracts of electoral rolls in respect of the 100 members of the applicant party.

6. Certified extracts from the latest electoral rolls in respect of at least 100 members of the party (including all office-bearers/members of main decision-making organs like Executive Committee/Executive Council) to show that they are registered electors.

7. Particulars of Bank Accounts in the name of the party.  Also the PAN Number etc. (May be obtained later on)

8. A demand draft for Rs. 10,000/-  on account of processing/application fee drawn in favour of Under Secretary, Election Commission of India, New Delhi,  Payable at New Delhi. 

9. A neatly typed/printed copy of the memorandum/rules and regulations/Constitution of the Party containing a specific provision as required under sub-section (5) of Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. Remember the Memorandum/ rule and regulation of the party is most important document. It must be within the framework of The Constitution of India, 1950 and should be drafted carefully.   

10. The copy of the party Constitution/Memorandum/rules and regulations  should be duly authenticated on each page by the General Secretary/President of the Political Party and the seal of the signatory should be affixed thereon.

11. There should be a specific provision in the Constitution/rules and regulations/memorandum of the party regarding organizational elections at different levels and the periodicity of such elections and terms of office of the office-bearers of the party.

12.  The procedure to be adopted in the case of merger/dissolution should be specifically provided in the Constitution/rules and regulations/memorandum.

13. Date of formation of the Political Party/Association or Body. It should be within 30 days of application. Any application made after the said period will be time-barred.

14.  Other formalities/ documents in case of any objection raised by Election Commission of India after submission of the application from applicant Political Party.  

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