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Everything you need to know Preparation of e-TDS and TCS Return

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Everything you need to know Preparation of e-TDS and TCS Return
What is the current RPU version for preparation of e-TDS/TCS statements?
What is the current File Validation Utility (FVU) version to validate e-TDS/TCS regular and correction statements?
How should the e-TDS/TCS return be prepared?
Is there any software available for preparation of e-TDS/TCS return?
Are the forms used for e-TDS/TCS return same as for physical returns?
What are the forms to be used for filing quarterly TDS/TCS returns?
What is Form No. 27A?
What are the precautions to be taken while submitting Form No. 27A?
What is the data structure (file format) for preparing e-TDS/TCS return?
What is Challan Serial Number given by the Bank?
What is 'Bank Branch Code'? Where do I get it from?
Can I file Form No. 26Q separately for contractors, professionals, interest etc.?
I do not know the Bank Branch Code of the branch in which I deposited tax. Can I leave this field blank?
What should I mention in the field 'paid by book entry or otherwise' in deduction details?
By whom should the control chart Form 27A be signed?
Is the Challan Identification Number compulsory?
Is PAN mandatory for deductors and employees/deductees?
I am a deductor having more than one office/branch, do I file separate e- TDS/TCS returns for each office/branch or can I file a consolidated return for all offices/branches? Can I quote the same TAN for filing e-TDS/TCS returns for each branch?
Should I file copies of certificate for no deduction or concessional deduction of tax along with the e-TDS/TCS return?
What value is to be provided in Annexure ll of 24Q, Q4 statement when the landlord does not have PAN and the Annual rent payment exceeds ₹ 1,00,000?
While preparing Form 27Q, getting following error – Invalid value provided for Email ID of Deductee, contact Number of Deductee, Address of deductee in country of residence, Tax Identification Number and Employee/Party PAN. How do I rectify this error?

The newly added fields (i.e. Email ID of deductee, Contact Number of the deductee, Address of deductee in country of residence & Tax identification number / Unique identification number) will be mandatory only when below conditions are satisfied.

  • if rate of deduction is less than 20%
  • remark value as 'C'
  • PAN of the deductee is not available (i.e. 'PANNOTAVBL', 'PANAPPLIED' or 'PANINVALID').
  • Value under field no. 36 (i.e. Nature of remittances) is Interest payment, Royalty, Fees for technical services/ fees for included services, short term capital gains or Long term capital gains.


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