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Technology wave: India 2005-14 VS. India 2015-2024

Technology wave: India 2005-14 VS India 2015-24

We have changed our day to day lifestyle, 
added technology everywhere 
let’s relook at four major categories

More news on ports development
Road, power and water issues
Industrialists growing  at XYZ rates
Government to form committees
In an interview SRK said bla bla
Sale at Big bazzar etc..

2015 onwards
India to form technology funds
Government departments start using latest technology and upgrading versions
Free wifi at railway stations
Tech start up raising 1000 crores
SRK said on twitter..
Sale at amazon or sale at flipkart online...

-Day to Day Personal Habits
-Shopping happening online
-Movie tickets are booked online
-Marriage references checked online using google, social media
-Restaurants searched online
-Railway tickets are booked online

-Working/Business styles
-Orders on Emails
-Lesser number of files
-Meeting replaced with video conferencing
-Business discussion on companies whatsapp groups
-Work from with technology enabled
-Less of office space
-Location of office doesn’t matter
-Online interviews

-Government plan of action
-Wifi to be implemented in phased manner in Maharashtra
-GOI forms 1000 innovation incubation support fund
-GOI/PMO have meeting with google to involve technology in Indian systems
-Launch of Digital locker
-Many announcement from narendra modi office happens on twitter

On the basis of revolutions on above four categories, it can be said that we are adding technology to everything. Infrastructure was only sector of announcement has changed and included technology involvement also.

Key takeaway is,
” If you want to be a part of technology wave, be a part of it and start using technology or else you will be out of Job or out of business."

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